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    Play Timeout's Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

    Play Timeout's Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Game Night
    So, you've been thinking about bringing some friends around and hosting a night full of games, wine and laughter, but you haven't the slightest clue how to make sure it's a success. While you've been to many similar events in the past, you want to make sure you get everything right so you can host plenty more fun-filled nights in the future. 

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    Looking to revolutionise game night? Here are some epic card games to try!

    Looking to revolutionise game night? Here are some epic card games to try!

    If you love getting together with your family or friends to play some board games, you know all about how fun it can be to introduce a new game to the group. There's always someone who can't get their head around the rules, and watching everyone slowly getting the hang of it and falling in love with your game is a moment like no other. 

    But, after playing these new games for so long, they eventually lose their novelty and appeal. Usually, they will be put to bed for a while until someone mentions it again in the future. 

    So, while you're waiting for everyone to get excited about replaying a game, it's always a good idea to have some new ones up your sleeve that they can all get excited about. 

    Some of my favourite card games that can add a mass of entertainment to any crowd include: 


    The Hollow Woods Storytelling Card Game

    If your friend group loves games like Mafia and Dungeons and Dragons, this new and exciting storytelling card game is just what you need to deeply immerse yourself in a new game.

    Simply layout your cards, turn them over and watch the story unfold. Will you be fortunate enough to survive the wrath of the fire-breathing dragon? Or perhaps you will ride into the sunset on a unicorn. Regardless, when this game is involved, your imagination will run loose. 

    With over 2.4 quintillion combinations available, this game's novelty won't wear out so quickly and will be a favourite among the game night. 


    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb 

    Just like regular rock, paper scissors, but so much more intense. This design-inspired game requires you to get the right hand to dominate the game and claim the victory you deserve. 

    You can play best out of three, elimination rounds and even place bets on the game to spice it up. The options are unlimited with this card game, making it one that every household needs, especially if you want a game that can be played quickly. 


    Ridley's Games Room Who Am I? 

    Do you and your friends know everything there is to know about the celebrities and figureheads of society? 

    Ridley's Who Am I will put your knowledge to the test by asking out-of-the-box questions that only celebrity buffs would know the answer for. This game is perfect for testing those who claim they know more than you and can get competitive, so make sure all breakables are as far away as possible! 


    We don't want anyone jumping up on a table and breaking something. 


    At Play Timeout, I have a wide range of wacky and unique games that you won't find in a regular department store. From interesting card games, design-inspired puzzles and unique board games, there is sure to be something for you. Shop my range TODAY!

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Board Gaming And How to Overcome It

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Board Gaming And How to Overcome It
    We all love a good board game. I mean, what better way to entertain your guests on a night in than with some convoluted rules, teaming up against one another and slyly picking up a few hundred from the bank when nobody is looking. All jokes aside, board games are a fantastic way to put friendships to the test and bring out the real side of people’s personalities. 

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